DEL in Between

DEL in Between is an opportunity to share our, and your, evolving practice, create and strengthen connections, and have a reflective moment in between. We host these open conversations on the second Friday of each month, and you can sign up now to be alerted to each one.

Every conversation is recorded and will become available to stream on Vimeo Some older conversations were also recorded on Collaborate Ultra where you can read through attendees’ chats.

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DEL in Between will return in September 2021.

Previous conversations

14 May, 2021 - Transdisciplinary graphic design and art research and practices in higher education.
Guests: Prof. Yeohyun Ahn, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Madison, Prof. Taekyeom Lee, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University, Prof. Justin Lincoln, Associate Professor, Whitman College, Prof. Heather Quinn, Assistant Professor, Depaul University, Prof. Adam DelMarcelle, Adjunct Instructor, Pennsylvania College of Art, and Design.
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9 April, 2021 - Asia Calling
Guests: Dr. Felipe Cervera (Lasalle College of Art & Design, Singapore), Dr. Ashley Wong (School of Creative Media, CityU, Hong Kong), Dr. Bryan Chung (Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU, Hong Kong)
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12 March, 2021 - Learning on the Fly, Teaching on the Go
Guests: Benjamin Andrew, Assistant Teaching Professor and Benay Gürsoy Toykoç, Assistant Professor of Architecture at The Pennsylvania State University, Osamu Sahara, Associate Professor at The University of Tokushima
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12 February, 2021 - A bilingual DEL in Between
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11 December, 2020 - Announcing the DEL 2021 theme.
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13 November, 2020 - Exploring our response to uncertainty.
Guest: Kingsley Ng, Assistant Professor at the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University
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9 October, 2020 - Workshopping the DEL 2021 theme.
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