Making Education - Becoming Academics


We want to create a mini-maker space that imagines our first year ‘academic skills’ module, Becoming an Educationalist. Becoming is a creative, ‘maker’ space that fosters students’ personal and professional development by giving them the freedom to follow their passions and thus to re-territorialise academic space (Deleuze & Guattari, 1987) with engagement and creativity. We set more and more difficult tasks than they would normally encounter in the first year of a university degree programme - they have to blog, to produce a “Digital Me”, to devise and deliver multiple projects - and they have to demonstrate their creativity and playfulness in Multimodal Exhibitions, Performances and Showcases: and .


For our micro-teaching/micro-make session we want to create a mini-Becoming, ‘maker’ space ‐ and set participants the challenge of using found resources to produce instant ‘installations’ as a comment on ‘education’ and/or as a meditation on the sort of creative tasks that we can set students as they become academics.


That we can scaffold multimodal, active learning by setting even short, creative maker challenges.


The representations created by participants will be photographed - and will feed into an ongoing University Teaching Fellowship project that is capturing resources to inspire staff and students viz Learning, Teaching and Assessment. They will also feed into our Facilitating Student Learning and Managing Assessment Feedback PGCert modules - to inspire our staff in re creating digitally literate education.