David White

University of the Arts London

's Portrait

David has worked in various roles where digital, learning and culture meet – including

  • Senior lecturer in visual communication
  • Making proof-of-concept pilots for delivering media online at the BBC
  • Managing a team of online distance learning developers at the University of Oxford
  • Leading numerous studies around the impact of the Web on learning and higher education

He’s Head of Digital Learning at the University of the Arts London – helping to run the Teaching and Learning Exchange. His best-known/most-used idea is a way of understanding individuals’ motivations to engage online: “Visitors and Residents”. David is the chair of the ‘engaging students in digital spaces’ conference strand.

David is at home blogging, tweeting or creating videos – working in an open manner developing thinking and discourse in online spaces. For David the digital is much more than a set of tools or a chaotic library, it’s a place where we can learn and live.