Claudia Roeschmann

Texas State University

's Portrait

Claudia Roeschmann has been teaching typeface + typographic design, identity systems and editorial design at Texas State University in San Marcos since 2002. She is the coordinator of the Communication Design program of the School of Art and Design and the graduate advisor of the MFA program. Web-based delivery is heavily featured in the MFA course curriculum, as are video conferences, live chat and chat blogging interfaces.

Originally from Germany, she moved to New York in the late 90s to work for Vignelli Associates before moving to Austin with her husband, where she also runs her own design studio. She holds a BFA and MA from the Hochschule für Künste, Bremen, and received her MFA at Texas State.

She has been a DeL conference committee member since 2014, and has participated in five DeL conferences since 2009.