photo of Andres Colmenares

Andres Colmenares

Co-founder and strategist, IAM

Andres Colmenares is the co-founder of IAM (Internet Age Media), the platform connecting the futures of media, education & the arts, cultivating and celebrating the randomness of internet cultures. Since 2015, together with his partner Lucy Rojas, they are developing unconventional research... Read more

photo of Stephanie Dinkins

Stephanie Dinkins

Artist and Professor, Stony Brook University

Stephanie Dinkins is an artist and professor at Stony Brook University fostering dialog about artificial intelligence as it intersects race, gender, and our future histories. She is particularly driven to work with communities of color to develop deep-rooted AI literacy and co-create more cult... Read more

photo of Skawennati Fragnito

Skawennati Fragnito

Partnership Coordinator IIF, Co-Director AbTeC, Artist

Skawennati makes art that addresses history, the future, and change from an Indigenous perspective. She is best known for her machinimas movies made in virtual environments, but also produces still images and sculpture.

Her pioneering new media projects include the online gallery/chat-space a... Read more

photo of Kate Hartman

Kate Hartman

Artist, Technologist and Educator

Kate Hartman is an artist, technologist, and educator whose work spans the fields of physical computing, wearable electronics, and conceptual art. She is based in Toronto at OCAD University where she is the Associate Professor of Wearable Technology and Director of the Social Body Lab. Hartman ... Read more

photo of Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis

Digital media poet, artist, and software designer

Jason Edward Lewis is a digital media poet, artist, and software designer. He founded Obx Laboratory for Experimental Media, where he directs research/creation projects devising new means of creating and reading digital texts, developing systems for creative use of mobile technology and using v... Read more