Designs on eLearning Online Conference

  • Year: 2009
  • Website: No longer available

The conference took place in the week beginning 1st September and the presentations were available for two weeks from that date.

Many exciting presentations were available including Digital Games and Education, Creating an online design atelier, Developing the use of blogs as a reflective tool, The Personalisation of Learning Framework and Harnessing Technology or the Tail Wagging the Dog. The presentations were made available using Wimba accessed through a dedicated Blackboard site which also hosted the asynchronous discussions relating to each presentation.

In addition to some twenty presentations which were delivered asynchronously, there were five live presentations from international experts in the field of eLearning with synchronous discussion available through Wimba and a later asynchronous discussion through Blackboard. The conference was a lively event with presenters from Finland, Austria, Spain, the USA and the UK.